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Our flights start from sunrise until mid-morning, then from mid-afternoon until sunset.



Our Tuk-tuk, available from 6am, will take care of transportation from your hotel or guesthouse to our airfield.



After a short briefing, you will take place in our paramotor Adventure, two-seater carriage (pilot and passenger). The safest microlight in its class, driven by a French instructor.

Our paramotor flights depending on the weather and the weather conditions may change.
We reserve the right to change the take-off time for obvious safety reasons.
A confirmation email will be sent the day before at 5pm.


$79 for 20min - $109 for 40min

Take and share your video!Take and share your video!

For only $ 20 you will leave with the movie of your flight.
We will put it on Youtube or Vimeo. You'll just have to share it!
We can also provide you with a USB key (+ $ 10).



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